Accountability Spreadsheet

Use this spreadsheet to track your success in achieving some daily goals and share the results with your accountability partner. It is free for you to modify and distribute.

Once you have chosen some daily goals that you would like to track, replace the sample goals in the first column on the left with your goals. You can also modify the row across the top containing the days of the week to suit your needs. (I prefer my week to end the day before I usually meet with my accountability partner.) Once you're done, print it and start tracking.

You can use any notation to keep track of how you're doing. Here's what has worked for us:

  • If you succeed in a goal for a day, place a check mark in that box. Good work!
  • If you fail to accomplish a goal for a day, place a circle in that box. We found that checks and X's look pretty similar, so using an X for unmet goals made if difficult to see at a glance which days were successes and which were not. We also found leaving the box empty confusing since we wouldn't know whether we forgot to check the box, or if we simply did not achieve that goal.
  • If the goal does not apply to a day, place an X in that box. For example, my "Walk to Work" goal does not apply on a Saturday or days that it rains. We found it acceptable for the checks and X's to look the same in this case because our primary interest was in highlighting when we failed to meet a goal.

Using this notation, you will be able to look back at the end of the week and easily see, for each goal, which days you succeeded and which days you did not.

Four week version

You don't have to complete all four weeks before meeting with your accountability partner; I encourage you to meet weekly. The four week version was just designed to save paper as compared to the one week version.

One week version

The procedure for the one week version is the same as for the four week version, however, there are just fewer dates across the top.

One group I know laminates their sheets and use erasable markers to track their progress for the week, saving even more paper than the four week version.

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