All That You Can't Leave Behind

Here are the rules:

  • Email me with any items you would like
  • First email for an item is the winner
  • You come and take the item away by May 15th, no earlier than the given date per item
  • No cash exchanges hands, pay it forward

Here is the stuff (so far):

Item Earliest Pick-up Description
Old Chairs 4/1/2008 n/a
Magnetic Darts 4/1/2008 n/a
Potted devil chili sprout 4/1/2008 n/a
Plush Snake 4/1/2008 n/a
Poker novelty rd sign 4/1/2008 n/a
Dancing Elvis wall clock 4/1/2008 n/a
Timed electrical outlet 4/1/2008 n/a
Plastic Jack'o'lantern 4/1/2008 n/a
Solar powered sidewalk lights 4/1/2008 n/a
Scanner 4/1/2008 n/a
Flags 4/1/2008 A collection of a few small-scale flags from around the world
Camcorder 4/1/2008 Hi-8 format
Small cabinet 4/1/2008 Slightly broken
Bear Coat Rack / Shelf 4/1/2008 n/a
Ergonomic snow shovel 4/1/2008 n/a
Cast iron bean pot 4/1/2008 n/a
Single Bed w/ Mattress and Shelves 5/10/2008 n/a
Printer 5/10/2008 Needs a cleaning to be useful
Garbage Can 5/10/2008 Foot operated lid
Answering machine 5/10/2008 n/a
Small waste bin 5/10/2008 n/a
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