Functional Spec Checklist for Software

The following is the result of some lessons learned generating functional specs for work.

Feature Level

  • Identify a min/max/default for all values the user can enter or import.
  • Identify failure conditions and responses for all actions.
  • Identify under which conditions a feature will be available.
  • What is the result of running the feature multiple times? (Eg. What changes on subsequent executions? Is the result cumulative?)
  • Describe management and use of shared and stored data. (Eg. What entity is the data stored with?)
  • Describe all design trade-offs.
  • Match every detail back to a requirement where possible.
  • Describe any dependencies on configuration. (Eg. Can this feature can be turned off? If so, per user or per install?)
  • Describe any exceptions to any rule you lay out.
  • Determine if each feature described is actually a customer requirement as opposed to an implementation detail.
  • For GUI changes pretend to use the proposed GUI on paper, doing ridiculous things, paying attention to interactions between widgets.
  • Use cases can illuminate missing requirements and missing functionality, and expose misunderstanding between the requirements gatherers and the implementers.
  • Insist on having the FS reviewed by others in development. (Feb 12, 2009)
  • Review existing GUI elements and patterns for inspiration when designing new screens and layouts to maintain consistency within the product. (Feb 13, 2009)
  • Try to break the code, even at the FS level. Consider all possible inputs and how the system will handle them. (June 10, 2009)
  • Define what happens if the user performs tasks in a different order than described. (Jan 27, 2010)

Document Level

  • Are all internal cross references correct?
  • Are all external cross references to other documents correct?
  • Reread all text and diagrams for grammatical correctness.

Philosophical Level

  • Accept that the FS may take a while to get right. Time spent here make everything go more smoothly down stream. (June 10, 2009)
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